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Moving into a new house can be exciting. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that homeowners should take care of before they get too cozy. Because it is likely that the roof has not been upgraded prior to the home being placed on the market, the new residents should take some time to ensure that the roof is in top condition and that it will protect them against any extreme weather. A San Antonio roofing contractor can walk the homeowners through their roof inspection report and help make the necessary fixes before they become bigger problems.

The inspection report is an incredibly vital piece of information. It will report on any issues that are found with the roof's structure. For example, if the inspection report shows that an asphalt roof is 20 years old, it is already well past its expected lifespan. The roof will most likely need to be replaced almost immediately. This should be taken into consideration when purchasing the home.

Once the home has been purchased, it is recommended that the new owners hire a trusted, experienced roofer to perform an inspection. Home inspectors are only on the lookout for major problems with the home. Roofers, however, will be able to do a much more detailed inspection in order to pinpoint minor problems that could become much more problematic later on.

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Depending on the issues, the roofer can provide the repairs at the time of inspection or schedule to do the repairs as a later date.

The new homeowners should also have some knowledge regarding their roof warranty. This includes knowing what is and what is not covered. For example, a warranty may not cover damages that are caused by rodents, which includes mice or squirrels. The warranty may, however, cover damages caused by other pests, including bats and raccoons.

Finally, a homeowner's insurance policy may also cover some damages to the roof. However, most do not cover general wear and tear. This means that hail damage may be covered while sun damage may not be. Homeowners should always be aware of their deductibles and premiums.

Dealing with a roof as a new homeowner can be daunting. However, trusted roofers can always provide suggestions when it comes to keeping a roof in good condition. If repairs are not needed, roofing contractors can, additionally, provide the homeowner with valuable information about the status of the roof. Homeowners should always consider investing in a thorough evaluation of a new home's roof, in addition to receiving a report from the home inspector.

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