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Copper has recently become a major trend in the home improvement sector. While it was traditionally used for pipes and wires, copper has made its way into fixtures and furniture. Now, some homeowners are choosing to install copper onto their roofs. Professional San Antonio roofing contractors can help homeowners decide whether a copper roof installation is right for them.

The first thing to keep in mind about copper is that, while it is expensive, copper can provide significant value. Homeowners can expect to pay almost four times as much for copper as they would for asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most inexpensive form of roofing material, and, while their durability has improved, many homeowners have chosen other materials in recent years. Most materials on the market are hardier than asphalt shingles. Installing a copper roof or another metal roof is often less expensive than other materials like slate, tile or even wood shakes.

Copper provides a unique look to the roof of a home, and it stands up well to weathering. However, its color does change over time. Copper can turn into a lovely shade of green over a few decades. This color can be just as aesthetically pleasing as the original color itself.

Additionally, copper shingles are easier to install than other materials.

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Ceramic tiles, in particular, require a special installation process to ensure that they function properly and efficiently. While they are not as cheap to install as asphalt shingles, they weigh significantly less than tiles, steel and wood shakes.

Copper is also a good option for warm climates because it reflects the sun away from the home. This can help homeowners keep their homes cool in the summer without putting so much pressure on their air conditioning systems or their energy bills. Combined with the fact that it is easy to recycle and reuse copper, this material makes for an eco friendly roof choice.

It should be noted that metal roofs like copper have a tendency to be noisier during rainstorms. Metal is not a good buffer for noise, and this can be a drawback for many homeowners. However, it is often the case that copper's other benefits outweigh this drawback.

The roofing materials market has opened up to include a variety of products that have been previously ignored. Choosing one of these alternative materials often has more benefits than drawbacks, and one of the biggest benefits of a copper roof is the value and durability it offers to homeowners.

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