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Gutters designed for homes and businesses come in a range of different colors and materials, including vinyl, aluminum and steel. One of the most popular choices for those living in both older and more modern homes is copper. When first installed, copper has a bright finish and a slightly pink color. Exposure to the air, rain and other environmental conditions creates a rich patina on the gutters that changes the color of the copper. Many enjoy the weathered look that occurs over time. San Antonio roofing companies want clients to know that copper is more expensive than the other materials but has a number of benefits that might make it a worthwhile choice.

Replacing existing gutters with aluminum may cost $1,000 to $2,000, but using copper instead of aluminum can cost twice as much or more. The total cost often depends on the amount of linear feet required for the job and if the clients opt for any additional features or decorative elements. Though the cost may put some off, they need to keep in mind that copper lasts much longer than aluminum does. Those aluminum gutters may need replacing within the next decade, but copper can last for 20 years or more.

A common reason why many choose copper is because of the value that it adds to a home.

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Many find that they get back the amount they paid for those new gutters when they sell their homes, and others find that the value instantly rises based on how the copper makes the home look. Homes located in upscale and more expensive neighborhoods often need to meet standards imposed by a homeowners association or a similar group, and many of those groups ban vinyl and other types of gutters. Those living in historic homes often select copper over the other options because it's more historically accurate.

Durability is another great benefit of copper gutters. Vinyl gutters can begin sagging and cracking after a few short years, and aluminum gutters may rust because of exposure to rain. Copper doesn't rust the same way that aluminum does. Even with constant exposure to water, it simply develops a darker and more weathered patina or appearance. Copper won't bend or sag the way vinyl does, and it also won't develop cracks in the way vinyl gutters do. Though it may cost twice as much or more as other types of gutters do, there's no doubting the benefits of installing copper gutters on a home or business.

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