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In warmer climates such as those found in Texas, it may be advantageous for a homeowner to have roof repair work done during fall or winter months. The cooler weather may be easier on the workers and any rain, ice or light snow that falls on the roof could be advantageous in helping homeowners identify problem areas.

For example, rainwater that does not drain properly could help a San Antonio roofing professional find the source of a leak that is causing water damage in the home. It could also highlight any issues with air circulation in the attic or within any of the roofing materials. Typically, ice, sleet and snow will melt near the gutters and slowly evaporate over time. However, if moisture is melting on top of the roof first, it may mean that warm air is trapped in that location.

Ideally, a homeowner wants air to circulate freely through the attic and roof to encourage even and gradual evaporation. This will help snow to melt off the roof consistently. Otherwise, water could run from the top of the roof to areas where ice or sleet has not yet melted. This would result in the water backing up through the shingles, through the roof and eventually into the home.

Having work done during the fall or winter may be advantageous because the angle of the sun is typically lower during these months.

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This means that it is not shining directly down on the shingles all day. When a contractor walks on a roof, he or she may dislodge granules that protect the shingles from the sun's rays. During the fall or winter months, this will not have as great of an impact on the structure.

During the last quarter of the year, trees lose their leaves, flowers go dormant and grass doesn't grow. Therefore, it is less likely that living things in the yard will be damaged by any old shingles or other materials that may be thrown from the roof. Although a contractor may have a dumpster or bag to throw old supplies into, the odds are good that not everything will make it in there.

Finally, workers may do a better job during the latter part of the year because there is less heat and humidity. When the temperature is 100 degrees outside, the temperature on the roof can feel like 120 degrees. Fatigue and possible dehydration can impact worker performance and the quality of the installation. Therefore, when the temperatures are cooler, workers can focus more on the job and less about being uncomfortable while working.

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