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While many homeowners focus on noticeable roof issues, such as leaks and physical damage, many fail to pay attention to cosmetic issues such as stains. Roof staining is unsightly, and it can be pointing to a bigger issue. A number of different types of stains can occur on a roof. Homeowners should contact a San Antonio roofing company to inspect and get rid of the stains to avoid any potential issues in the future.

Usually, the color of the stain can help homeowners figure out its source and determine if it is a cause for concern. Black and brown stains are a common issue that can continually arise. Usually, these stains are uniform and cover a large portion of the roof. During a rainfall, these stains can spread even further. In some cases, rain runoff will cause dripping stains along the side of the home. These stains are most often caused by an accumulation of debris. If trees hang above the roof, their leaves will collect and cause the staining. Homeowners should remove the leaves and any overhanging branches as soon as possible. A pile of leaves or branches on a roof will collect moisture and prevent the spot on the roof from drying.

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Eventually, the leaves and debris will rot, causing the staining. If left untreated, the collected moisture will cause the roof shingles to decay at a faster rate.

Some stains are also caused by a growth of algae. Most green stains are actually a small growth of algae or lichens. Algae can begin to form on roofs that are experiencing a lot of humidity. If not taken care of, these growths can quickly overtake a roof. They are a cause for concern due to their growth pattern. Some types of algae can contain roots that get beneath shingles. Others simply grow in any available spot. Either way, algae can cause significant physical damage to the roof shingles and will eventually lead to water leaks.

Homeowners should have their roofs inspected by a professional on a regular basis to avoid stains and damage to their roof. Stains are fairly easy to clean with a bit of water and bleach. With any surrounding plants covered for protection, all it takes is a simple spray down. To prevent any future algae growth, homeowners can have zinc or copper flashing installed. These metals prevent mold and algae growth. When it rains, molecules of the metal will cover the roof, preventing any growth from appearing. Additionally, overhanging branches should be cleared to avoid black and brown stains.

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