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Gutters are not just a stylish addition to the house. They actually perform an essential function. By routing rainwater away from the roof and depositing it a safe distance from the home's foundation, the gutters can lengthen the life of the roof and protect the foundation at the same time. Their average life expectancy, however, depends on how well they are taken care of.

Even in years when rainfall is scarce, roof and gutter inspections by a professional San Antonio roofing contractor should not be ignored. Falling leaves and other debris can begin to decompose fairly quickly. Leaf buildup inside the gutters might become a fire hazard and an ideal nest for pests. When it does begin to rain, gutters filled with decomposed matter will cause rainwater to back up onto the roof. The excess water will accelerate the wear and tear of the shingles.

Excess water will find its way underneath the roof's edge. Once wet, the edge can begin to deteriorate, resulting in a leaking roof. In addition, decomposed matter can cause the rain to overspill the gutters and make driveways and walkways more dangerous. Siding, the paint on the outside of the house or the eaves can easily become damaged. Fascia board and soffit are especially susceptible to rot when wet.

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However, overspills don't always come from tree branches poking a hole in the metal. If the gutter is made of aluminum, just leaning a ladder up against the gutter while attempting to clean out the mess might dent the gutter or cause the metal to crack.

Another common problem is that, as a gutter ages, the seams might give way. When that happens, the gutter will leak. When a gutter leaks, the dirt around the home's foundation can become waterlogged. Wet soil puts a lot of pressure on the foundation, and in time, the pressure will cause the foundation to crack. Soil erosion is also possible.

In order for the gutter to do its job properly, it has to be kept in good repair, and that includes keeping it tightly clamped to the fascia board. If the gutter is pulling away from the board, it can easily fall down and harm family members or visitors. Luckily, most gutter issues are easy to fix, but it is dangerous for homeowners to attempt to repair the damage themselves. It is always safer to have a professional inspect the trouble and discuss with homeowners the best way to solve the problem.

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