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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Can Roof Sheathing Get Wet?

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Roof sheathing is the flat, wooden surface that goes over the structural beams at the top of the house. The roofing felt is nailed to this base. Roof sheathing is essentially the first part of the roof and is integral to the construction of the house. Sheathing is strong and flexible, but it is also very susceptible to water damage.

A good San Antonio roofing company will cover the sheathing immediately with roofing felt. However, a subpar company may neglect to take care of this immediately. If it rains when the sheathing is exposed, the consequences could be dire.

A light drizzle will probably not harm the roof sheathing. It is made of plywood, which can withstand a small amount of water before beginning to disintegrate. The sheathing may need time to dry out, but it will eventually be fine. However, a downpour will ruin exposed roof sheathing. Heavy rain can render sheathing useless in an hour or two. If this happens, the entire roof's worth of the sheathing needs to be replaced. It must be replaced quite quickly before the water starts to seep through to the structural beams.

The most common practice is to cover the sheathing immediately with roofing felt. This is far from foolproof, but it will provide the wood with some protection from the weather.

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The roofing felt will stand up to anything short of a sustained heavy rain. It is important to note that if high winds accompany the rain, the felt is more or less useless. The wind will catch the edge of the roofing felt and either lift it up or tear it. This will allow the rain access to the sheathing.

Whether it happens before or after the installation of the roof, the likelihood of the roof sheathing getting wet at some point is high. As such, contractors will leave a small gap between sheets of the sheathing. This gives the wood room to expand when it does get wet.

The best and most reliable roofers will actually store the sheathing in an enclosed area until it is completely ready to be installed. They will also check the weather forecast for the scheduled installation day and two or three days after it. If rain is predicted, they will postpone the installation until several days of clear skies are in order. Unfortunately, many roofing companies will not want to miss out on work and will attempt to get the work done before the rain. This sometimes results in ruined sheathing.

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