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Homeowners may hear in roofing company advertisements that a certain contractor may be licensed and bonded. While those are both great ways for a contractor to prove to a customer that he or she is trustworthy, what do those two phrases mean? If a San Antonio roofing contractor is licensed, it means that the contractor has gained a certain level of expertise when it comes to roofing projects.

When the contractor says that he or she is bonded, it means that there is money to immediately pay out any claims that a consumer may make. This is generally a good thing for consumers as it may take months or years for an insurance claim to be approved and for a payout to be made. Additionally, an insurance policy may not cover all claims made by a consumer.

For instance, if property is stolen from a job site, a homeowner can get money right away to buy replacement goods. The fact that a roofer has gotten a bond company to approve them for coverage shows that the contractor has had few problems in the past or no problems at all with prior customers. However, the best way to verify a contractor's past performance is to ask previous customers directly about their experience with that contractor.

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It is important to note that bonding is not the same as insurance. While a contractor should have as much insurance as possible to protect the contractor and the homeowner, these are two separate issues to consider when hiring someone to work on a roof. To verify that anyone who works on the roof has insurance, it may be possible to ask for the contractor's insurance provider and call that provider directly.

While most roofing professionals will go out of their way to make sure that the customer is satisfied, a homeowner may have little recourse if mistakes are made by someone who is not licensed, bonded or properly insured. In Texas, a contractor is not required to get a license before working on a home's roof. This does not mean that a contractor cannot obtain a license, which would prove that he or she has what it takes to do the job right the first time. Generally, a homeowner wants someone who has experience, has shown that he or she can do the job right and can reimburse the customer for any mistakes that may lead to damage.

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