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Any project that involves accessing a roof is inherently dangerous. Even the most experienced professionals risk serious injury whenever they access a roof, but they reduce their chances of injury or death by abiding by basic safety precautions. Homeowners who wish to repair their roof or perform maintenance projects should understand that a lack of awareness regarding acceptable roofing practices could have disastrous consequences. Even the simplest of San Antonio roofing projects require strict adherence to the guidelines followed by professionals, so there is no instance in which it is acceptable for a homeowner to venture out onto a roof without first considering his or her safety.

The most common danger associated with roofing is falling from a ladder or roof. To reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall accident, proper footwear should be worn and the roof should not be accessed when weather conditions make the surface more slippery. Avoid scheduling maintenance tasks when there is insufficient daylight. In addition, homeowners should not work on a sloped surface when weather conditions make it more dangerous due to the presence of rain or strong wind.

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When climbing a ladder to access the roof, the homeowner should abide by the three point contact principle, which states that there should be at least three points in contact with the ladder at all times. This may be two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand. When climbing a ladder, homeowners should do so deliberately and while staying close to the middle portion of each rung. Ideally, another person will be present on the ground to spot the person climbing on the ladder. Once on the roof, it is best for the homeowner to make use of safety gear, including a harness, roof anchors and a rope for added stability and protection while working.

Proper attention should also be paid to the surrounding area and to the specific portion of the roof being worked on. The homeowner should be cognizant of any nearby electrical wires and should take care to avoid them while working. It is also important to be aware of other hazards as well, as it is possible for bees or wasps to attack if a nest is threatened or affected by the work being done. The same can be said about weather conditions, as working during intense heat without properly hydrating can result in heat stroke. This is especially true during projects requiring a great deal of effort, so a cool or overcast day is ideal for scheduling repair projects.

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