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After a major storm hits, it is likely that homeowners will be in need of a roofing service to repair damages. Depending on how many homes have sustained damage, it can take some time for experienced roofers to become available. It is during these times that homeowners can be at risk for falling for roofing scams. These scams often involve shoddy construction and overpriced work. The workers may even perform work that is not needed. Professional San Antonio roofing contractors, on the other hand, will provide homeowners with all of the information and documents needed to protect them from unneeded or poor work.

There are some warning signs that indicate a homeowner is working with a scammer. The homeowner may be pressured to hire the company because the price for the construction work has been reduced for a limited time. The company may demand all of the cost of the construction up front or ask for a significant percentage, which is not a typical policy.

The roofers who become available to make repairs may be from a different area. These types of roofers usually identify problem areas that have been recently impacted by storms and then move into the neighborhood to get quick work. The problem is that, once the work has been done, the company is gone.

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If the roof has not been properly repaired, remodeled or air sealed, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to track down the workers to get the money back or to have the work redone. Additionally, workers who are not established in the area are often not familiar with local laws and building codes.

In order to avoid falling prey to scams, cash should never be paid upfront before the work is completed. Always ask for references and be sure that the workers have a contractor license and insurance that is up to date. Homeowners will want to request a written contract that should include the details of all the work that is to be done. Finally, the person's employment status with the company they represent should also be double checked. This can be done by simply calling the company and ensure that the contractor works for them.

When many homes suffer damages during severe storms, it can be tempting to work with a roofing company that guarantees immediate results. For the best repairs, it is recommended to continue to work with professional roofers that have established businesses, references and insurance.

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