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People who live in naturally sunny locations like Texas are often drawn to options like solar panels. After all, solar panels can lower energy costs and are a good source of renewable energy. However, the upfront costs associated with installation can be pretty big, so it's smart to think about whether the return on investment is enough to make the effort and expense of having a San Antonio roofing company install them worth it.

The cost of solar panel installation is probably the biggest concern consumers have. Costs vary based on the number of solar panels and other factors, but generally range between $15,000 and $50,000. Sometimes, there are tax credits or other incentives for installing solar panels, but the bulk of the cost is usually the homeowner's responsibility. Of course, lower energy costs can mean that the homeowner will eventually recoup the costs of installation, but it can take years for that to happen.

Despite the initial upfront cost, many homeowners consider the panels to be worth the cost due to the impact on the environment. They reduce the use of fossil fuels for at least one home, and thus take away a small amount of the pollution released by other energy companies.

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Once installed, they use a free energy source the sun that promises to be around for millions of years.

Still, it's a big commitment and involves making semi permanent changes to the home. In order to install the heavy panels, a company may need to drill holes into the roof to securely bolt the panels. Additionally, while many potential future buyers will see solar panels as an improvement, others may feel wary about maintenance or not be interested in the increased cost of the home due to having the panels. A homeowner thinking about moving in the near future should consider whether the local market will appreciate the panels or not.

Also, a home may not be ideally positioned to receive solar panels. To get the most sun, the panels should be facing south. If the roof on the home faces east and west, it can be difficult to place the panels optimally. The homeowner may still be able to install the panels and have them catch some sunlight, but it won't be as effective as it would be in a home with a south facing roof. A professional installer can offer the best advice regarding this situation.

Solar panels can definitely be a good investment in sunny areas, but it's smart to consider all of the options. They're a big expense, and a homeowner needs to be sure about the decision.

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