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Though some homeowners instantly pick copper gutters without giving any thought to their other options, others know that aluminum can look just as great at a fraction of the cost. Gutters drain water off the roof and direct its flow onto the lawn or into the garden. Some homeowners even set up rainwater collection units that let them reuse the rain that falls on their homes. Those units work well with all types of gutter systems and on most homes. Many local San Antonio roofing companies can give homeowners advice and feedback about using rainwater collection units and installing other items on a roof, but they can also help homeowners understand all the benefits of aluminum gutters.

One thing companies will recommend is that homeowners look at the differences between seamless gutters and traditional gutters. Traditional gutters come in large and small pieces that contractors can cut into the exact size needed for a roof. They can then install those gutters piece by piece. Seamless gutters are more of a customized option. Manufacturers create the gutters in longer and larger pieces designed to wrap around the house and give off a seamless finished look.

Homeowners should think about both the cost of the gutters and the cost of installing those gutters.

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Most contractors give homeowners an estimate as to how long it will take to finish any job, and they may estimate cost before beginning a project as well. Installing copper gutters can cost twice as much as the installation of aluminum gutters does. This is due to both the higher cost of copper and the increased time needed for installation.

Aluminum gutters work well with a range of different roof elements, including soffits, downspouts and splashguards. Though not all homes need splash guards, these guards come in handy during the Texas storm season. Excess water that fills the gutters can cause a collapse or make the gutters sag, but the guards ensure that excess water doesn't build up in the gutters.

Aluminum also comes with some other benefits. The material is durable and often lasts for 10 years or more, and it can change the look of a house quickly. The main disadvantage to aluminum is that it can rust and develop holes as the gutters develop more rust. Experienced contractors can install gutters with a clear coating from the manufacturer or apply that sealant before or after installing the gutters to protect the metal.

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