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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Pitched Roofing

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The roof of a house is a crucial component in protecting the residence from the outside elements, and its design depends on various factors such as the style and type of building, relevant local or national planning laws, and the owner's budget size. Consulting a San Antonio roofing professional will be helpful when choosing the type and style of roofing to settle on for the house. There are two choices when it comes to choosing a roofing style; these include pitched and flat roofing. The following are some of the advantages associated with pitched roofs.

One of the most prominent reasons that make this type a preferred choice for many is the additional space it provides in the loft area. Pitched roofs are constructed with at least two slopes that rise and meet at peak, offering additional space that can be used as a playroom or a study area. Additionally, this area can be converted into storage space for household items. The floorplan also makes it easier to incorporate heating components for the house.

Pitched roofs have a longer lifespan as compared to flat roofs.

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If properly constructed, this type of roof will indeed offer a longer lifespan than flat roofs because it utilizes materials that are weather resistant and more durable.

Pitched roofing is the style employed by a majority of homeowners in many regions. It goes without saying a pitch roofed house will blend well with the rest of the property and the neighboring buildings.

Flat roofs allow accumulation of materials. A pitched roof comes in handy in winter as snow will find it more difficult to settle on the roof. Buildup of materials on the roof comes with dangers. The roof could start leaking or it can cave in due to excessive weight. Pitched roofs require relatively little maintenance as compared to their counterparts because they are long lasting.

Furthermore, pitch roofed houses are considered stylish and can make a difference in enticing customers when selling the property. Homeowners could have an easier time convincing buyers if their house has a pitched roof because of all the associated advantages.

Another factor of greater importance is that of the foundation. Pitched roofs require a stiffer foundation, thereby affecting the depth of the footing. If conditions warrant a change of style, shifting from a pitched to flat roofing is relatively easy, unlike when changing from a flat roofed style to a pitched one.

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