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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rubber Roofing

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EPDM rubber roofs are popular choices for homes that have flat roofs. Their two main forms include rolls of rubber membranes and rubber shingles. Rubber roofing materials are quick to install and can be placed directly on top of the roof decking.

Homeowners may wish to use EPDM rubber roofs for a number of reasons. One of their biggest advantages is their durability. Rubber roofs can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years and are designed to stand up to extreme heat, high winds and fire. They are also waterproof when properly maintained. Additionally, rubber roofs do not require much maintenance. Any maintenance that is needed can often be completed by the homeowner or an experienced San Antonio roofing contractor.

Another advantage is that rubber roofs are often made out of recycled materials, which makes them more environmentally friendly than other types of roofs. Additionally, rubber roofs are designed to reflect heat. This can reduce energy costs during the summer. Because the rubber also acts as an insulator, the homeowner can also save on heating costs.

Although rubber roofs require regular cleaning, it is very difficult for mold or moss to grow on their surfaces.

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Homeowners should be careful with moving sharp objects around on top of the roof, as these can cause punctures or holes.

There are some downsides to EPDM rubber roofing, however, that homeowners should be aware of before making a purchase. The biggest drawback is that an experienced roofer is needed to install the rubber. This is because it can be difficult to ensure that a roof is properly protected when working around HVAC units, stack lines and chimneys. Any roof penetrations, such as chimneys, can also have a negative impact on the rubber roof's integrity. If leaks form around these areas, it is likely that the roof will have to be resealed.

Finally, rubber roofing is durable, but it is not invincible. Falling branches, improperly installed satellite dishes and foot traffic can cause damage to the roof. Although it is true that rubber roofs are easy to repair, it can be difficult to locate the damages. If homeowners believe that the roof has been damaged, an experienced roofer will have to be called out to perform a full inspection.

If a homeowner is thinking about having a rubber roof installed, he or she should consult with a professional roofer. The roofer should be able to determine if a rubber roof would be right for a particular home.

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