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San Antonio Roofing: Article About A Cooler and Energy Efficient Attic

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A good San Antonio roofing contractor can recommend various roofing materials that will help cool down an attic and a whole house. However, other factors serve to make attic space cooler, more energy efficient and even livable.

The first step is to plug up all air leaks with proper building materials. It is not enough to simply cover over a crack or hole with insulation if energy efficiency is to be obtained. Secondly, the attic must have ventilation ducts, preferably with built in fans, to give the hot air a proper pathway out of the building. Without preparing the attic by satisfying these first two requirements, insulation's effectiveness is significantly curtailed.

Batt insulation consists of long, interwoven fibers that strongly adhere to one another. Fiberglass and cotton are the two main varieties of batts, but both materials work just as well. Cotton batt is interesting in that it is often manufactured out of old blue jeans. The main challenge of batts is to cover every nook and cranny of space and to tape every piece that has to be cut lengthwise for a proper fit.

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Another option is for loose fiberglass or cellulose insulation to be blown onto the attic floor by means of a hose and an air compressor. Blown fiberglass is made out of sand while cellulose is produced from recycled newspaper, but both are equally efficient. The decision will have to be made as to how deep to pile this snow like insulation, and it will be difficult to make much use of attic storage space afterward.

The most expensive, though also most advantageous, insulation choice is spray foam. This foam shoots out in malleable form but quickly hardens. Attic ceilings, walls and even floors can be efficiently insulated by this method. If only walls and ceiling are covered and the attic is given floorboards, a relatively comfortable living quarters is created.

A final consideration is found in a radiant barrier, a kind of thermal insulation, which will block and reflect radiant heat filtering down through the roofing. To be as effective as possible, a radiant barrier cannot be covered in large amounts of dust. The best approach is to combine vents, insulators and a radiant barrier in a multifaceted system.

Keeping heat out of the attic to begin with, circulating it in a controlled manner and preventing the attic from overheating the house below can all be achieved. Holding valuable heat in during the winter is another effect of quality insulation.

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