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Many homeowners focus on the color of their home, and when it comes to putting on a new roof, choosing the right color is of utmost importance. Depending on the type of roofing material a homeowner chooses, there may be any number of colors to pick from. Though there are all types of shades available, Killeen roofing professionals typically recommend one particular color for those interested in saving money: White.

A white roof is a logical choice when it comes to energy savings because the color white reflects heat, and black absorbs it. In places where the sun shines throughout the day, a black or dark colored roof absorbs that heat. Dark roofs can absorb heat so much, in fact, that it is not uncommon for black surfaces, such as a rooftop, to be double the outside temperature. The heat from dark roofing goes straight into the home due to a process known as heat transfer.

When a homeowner has a white roof, though heat transfer still occurs in some sense, it is significantly less. When the roof is white, it can lower energy use by up to 50 percent. Not only does this decrease home energy bills, but it also significantly lowers a home's carbon blueprint. White roofing also requires less maintenance and care, and when compared to a black roof, white roofs have a longer lifespan.

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There are two main options for homeowners who are interested in obtaining a white roof. One way is to install a new roof on the home. The other is to contact a roofing contractor who can paint the surface of the roof with a special paint that has reflective properties. This allows the rays of the sun to literally be pushed back into the atmosphere. However, it is important for homeowners to keep in mind that not all roofing companies offer this service.

Material should be taken into consideration when homeowners are deciding between a new white roof or a painting job. There are a number of roofing materials available in light colors, including shingles, shakes, wood and metal. Slate and concrete tile may also be light in color, and these make good choices for homeowners seeking out a more reflective roof.

Homeowners who wish to choose a white or light colored roof should contact a roofing company to discuss the best option. Some roofing materials may be more appropriate than others based on the home style as well as the homeowner's budget and desires.

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