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Homeowners who live in an older residential property may have a roof that is prone to leaks, sagging or broken singles throughout the year. Most roofs are now built to last for over 100 years or the lifetime of the home, but some are prone to become damaged if they're not maintained well. When the repairs get too frequent, it may be time to consider replacing the structure entirely with the help of a Killeen roofing professional.

If shingles or tiles on a roof continually break or become loose, then it may be time to get the structure replaced. Shingles often begin to curl or become brittle due to too much wear. Homeowners may find plenty of shingle debris in the rain gutters after a major storm or from high winds. Tiles can become cracked or bald and can be secured with cement but are a common sign that the roof is no longer in good condition.

The roof may also suffer from areas where sagging is present. Although this can detract from the appearance of the home, it can also cave in if too much weight is added from excess rain or snow during the winter months.

Another sign that it's time to replace the home's roof is chimney flashing that is no longer doing its job.

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Chimney flashing that is worn down or aged can easily cause leaks to develop in the roof, which will lead to water damage in the home. It's crucial to have a watertight material used for the flashing to ensure that moisture can't get in once a new roof is installed. Leaks may also be present near a skylight on the roof.

It's also important to look in the attic for any signs of moisture or water damage that are present overhead. There may also be areas where sunlight is coming through the roof. Homeowners should use a flashlight to inspect the ceiling to spot discoloration or mold. This can lead to further water damage or health issues for individuals who are living in the home.

One of the main ways that homeowners know that it's time for a new roof is when the structure is more than 20 years old. Roofs that have been built in past decades are not as strong as contemporary roofs. It's important to hire a professional roofer to make a final inspection before deciding to have a new roof installed on the home.

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