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Killeen Roofing: Article About What Causes Asphalt Granule Loss

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There are many reasons why asphalt or composition shingles begin to lose their granule coating. Initially, the problem can be excess particles that were not embedded into the shingle during their manufacture. On a new roof, shedding these unattached particles is common as well as on roofs that have had an additional layer of composition shingles placed over the top of the existing roof. Granules will also become loose during the installation process. That is perfectly normal.

If the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, homeowners might begin to see more granule loss than usual. Older shingles are not as flexible as new ones and the effects of the sun, wind and rain become more pronounced as time goes on. Hiring a Killeen roofing company to inspect the roof and gutters to make sure that the loss is compatible with the age of the roof can help set the homeowner's mind at ease.

Sometimes, the granules do not wash off in a consistent pattern. The loss can leave bald spots on the roof. When that happens, there might be additional damage due to the shingle's exposure to the elements. In those cases, an extra evaluation by a professional, once the issue is noticed by the homeowner, can catch a problem before it grows larger.

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Shingles that don't have sufficient granule protection could be cracked or blistered.

Additional reasons for asphalt granule loss include severe weather conditions like hail or heavy winds. Hail storms can cause pitting and frequent winds can produce heavy particle losses. Depending on the degree of the damage, consistent bad weather can shorten the lifespan of the roof, especially if the homeowner neglects to have the roof inspected after a major storm. The integrity of the roof depends on catching and correcting potential problems before the roof begins to leak.

The potential for granule loss is also why homeowners should hire a professional roofing company for inspections rather than trying to look at the roof themselves. Walking on the roof without taking proper precautions can cause asphalt granules to fall off prematurely. Even particles that are securely embedded in the shingle can become loose when walked on. This loss will accelerate aging.

Although some amount of granule loss is unavoidable during roof inspections and repairs, experts have been trained how to walk on a roof and will take extra precautions to ensure the least amount of particle loss as possible.

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