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Killeen roofing professionals know that while homeowners can procrastinate on certain repair issues, a leaky roof must be addressed immediately. There are many causes of roof leaking, including subpar roofing installation, damage caused by storms or ice buildup and age, as well as poor maintenance. Most asphalt roofs are designed to last between 20 and 30 years. Roofs made from premium materials such as slate, copper and sheet metal may last between 30 years and 100 years.

A leaky roof is more than just a structural problem. If it is not addressed, it can affect the safety of the home and the health of its occupants. If water consistently filters into the attic, it will eventually find its way into the sheet rock, into the home's wood framing and finally into the home's foundation. The potential for damage is more than most homeowners realize.

When water first reaches the attic, it has the ability to damage items that are being there. In homes that do not have an attic or when there is a sizable leak, the water will begin to deteriorate the ceiling paint and plaster, leading to dark stains forming on the paint as well as the appearance of bubbles and chips.

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Fixtures that are hung in the ceiling, like ceiling fans and mounted lights, may also experience damage.

Over time, mold will develop. Mold that starts in the attic can eventually spread throughout the entire structure of the home. Once mold reaches its way to the HVAC system, it will spread to carpets, vents, furniture and clothing.

If there are electrical wires in the attic, water from a leaking roof may cause these wires to short circuit. This could lead to a potential fire threat. As water enters through the roof, it affects the insulation in the attic, making it harder for the insulation to keep warm air in during the winter and keep hot air out during the summer. As a result, when a person has a leak in the roof, he or she may get stuck with increased energy bills.

With time, a leaky roof will compromise the structure and integrity of the home. Rafters, wall framing and ceiling joists may begin to deteriorate or weaken as a result of prolonged water exposure. Wood frames may experience wood rot and will require replacement. In worst case scenarios, water related structural damage can lead to deterioration so severe that the supports of the ceiling give way and cause extensive damage. All of this underscores the importance of addressing and repairing a leaky roof immediately.

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