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Replacing a roof is a big investment, whether it's for a home or an office. Shrewd consumers will take a variety of steps to protect that roof investment, from performing semi annual maintenance to coordinating adequate property insurance. The primary source of protection, though, is the roof warranty, and consumers should take some time to thoroughly review their warranty options.

Owners of new roofs may have access to several types of warranties. Often, dependable and experienced Killeen roofing contractors will back up their work by providing a warranty to customers. These guarantees generally cover any issues relating to installation, and they frequently cover a period of 1 to 5 years. The value of these warranties depends on the reliability of the roofer, though, so homeowners should make sure to select a reputable roofer with a track record of customer service.

Roof manufacturers also provide product warranties to cover any defects in their roofing materials. The strength of these policies usually matches the quality of the roof, so a cheaper asphalt shingle roof most likely has a less comprehensive warranty than a high end architectural shingle roof.

The skill of the roofer also has some bearing on the type of manufacturer warranty available to the consumer.

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Roof manufacturer GAF certifies the most educated and skilled roofers as Master Elite roofers. These certified roofers can offer GAF's top of the line warranty covering both product and workmanship problems. Most other major roof manufacturers offer similar warranty perks.

Factory warranties also range widely in coverage lengths and amounts. Again, this often corresponds to the quality of the product purchased, running from limited policies to limited lifetime and lifetime warranties. Limited policies often provide full coverage for 3 to 10 years but only for issues that arise with the shingles themselves. These limited policies frequently include provisions for prorated coverage after the first few years.

Lifetime and limited lifetime warranties generally provide coverage for defects throughout the lifetime of the roof. These warranties often cover all of the roofing system components, but limited lifetime policies may still provide for prorated coverage after a few years.

Warranties often require owners to meet certain obligations in order to keep the policies valid. Typical owner duties include performing regular roof maintenance and obtaining prior manufacturer approval for roof modifications or repairs. Roof owners usually also must notify the factory of any leak within a few weeks of the leak's discovery.

Finally, roof product warranties issued by the factory often contain a number of exclusions. These exclusions range from consequential damages to damage created by unapproved adjustments, additions or repairs made to the roof.

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