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Killeen Roofing: Article About Understanding Shingle Aging

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A brand new shingle installation brings several decades of protective service to a property. Homeowners simply need to keep up with regular maintenance to secure the surface with a leak free design. When Killeen roofing professionals visit a household for a regular inspection, they can discuss certain stages a roof goes through during aging. With this information in mind, homeowners will roughly know when a roof is simply settling or is ready for a replacement in its later years.

A new roof installation may give homeowners the idea that nothing should fall from its surface. In fact, new shingles need time to acclimate to their location. It could be years before they're truly settled into place. Homeowners may see some granules or pellets fall from the roof, and shingles could even loosen. Roofers must make a follow up visit after an installation to verify and adjust any loose shingles. They're simply expanding and contracting with the sunlight exposure. The rooftop should otherwise be perfectly aligned for leak free protection.

After several years have passed, homeowners will barely notice the roof because it doesn't drop any debris. All granules should be settled, and shingle attachment is normally solid by this point. Homeowners shouldn't forget about roof maintenance, however. It's still critical to have yearly professional inspections.

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Roofers will check for any exposure, leaks or declining materials. The roof could appear perfect from the ground, but roofers will find anomalies when closely inspecting the surface.

As roofs near their end life, they'll begin to lose granules again. Roofers may discover hairline cracks across their surface. Homeowners shouldn't be concerned about these surface cracks; they're simply aging marks that don't create leaks into the home. Contractors must keep an eye on them, however, so that they don't become complete cracks.

Shingle failure is imminent when many granules are dropping and cracks are occurring across a large area. Roofers will usually estimate a new installation at this point, giving homeowners a chance to fix the problems before leaks damage the interior. It's best to replace the roof before extensive repairs are necessary from staining and active leaks.

Shingles do have some elasticity because of their fiberglass and asphalt composition. They can withstand years of expansion and contraction, but neglect will cause this flexibility to decline. Homeowners should only allow professionals on a rooftop and hire them for inspections at least twice a year. Any shingle problems can be quickly repaired or replaced to protect the structure. Brittle shingles only succumb to tears and cracks through the years.

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