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Killeen Roofing: Article About Top Dangers Of an Aging Roof

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It is easy for property owners to forget about their roofs because they are not seen every day. Unfortunately, as a roof ages, there are more dangers that it can cause to the remainder of the home. Killeen roofing professionals know what to look for when it comes to an aging roof. The following warning signs let them know that it is time to replace the roof to prevent further damage.

One of the first things that professionals do when maintaining a roof is perform regular inspections. During the inspections, they will get on the roof and look at the elements closely. They are looking for any damage to the shingles, which may be missing shingles or a loss of granules. When shingles go bald, they allow the moisture to seep into the attic space of the house. Many property owners are unaware there is a leaking issue until they notice water rings on the ceiling or mold growth along the walls. Inspections help find the damage early before any damage is done.

Professionals will also look at the ventilation of the roof. Without proper ventilation, the moisture in the attic will become trapped and damage the underlayment of the roof. It is important that the attic has natural ventilation with intake and exhaust systems in place.

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These spots will have flashing around them to prevent water from leaking in. If this flashing has been damaged, it is important that it be replaced. The intake and exhaust vents may also become clogged with peeling paint, leaves, dirt and other debris. They need to be cleaned to help ensure proper airflow.

The final thing roofing professionals will inspect for damage is the water and ice shield. This shield helps prevent ice buildup from occurring. When ice builds up on the roof, an ice dam occurs, causing water to seep into the home and damage the structure. It is important to have the shields inspected regularly to ensure that ice buildup will not be a problem with the roof.

Homeowners can help professionals by keeping an eye out for damage that has occurred inside the home. Any sign of water rings, mold or mildew growth is an immediate sign of a water problem. However, in some cases, utility bills will be the first sign of an aging roof. Proper roofing helps the house run in an efficient manner, so sudden changes in utility bills can be an indicator of a problem with the roof.

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