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In temperate climates, aesthetics can be the main concern when choosing new roofing for a home. However, in areas that experience hot or cold extremes, it can be advantageous to select a roofing type that can best withstand the rigors of intense heat or heavy snowfall. A Killeen roofing contractor can assist homeowners in deciding on the right type of roofing for their home.

In regions that experience heavy snowfall, simple gable roofs are the best. An overly complicated roof design invites problems. Ice, pine needles and snow can collect in nooks and crannies and cause damage to the roof. Snow will slide off a simple gable roof, which is also a strong and sturdy roofing type to withstand the weight of snow accumulation. Place chimneys at the highest point on the roof. This is because water and snow run down the roof and collect along the eaves; therefore, having the chimney on the roof ridge at the top will make it less likely that a leak will form around the chimney. Metal roofs are a good choice for snowy climates because they are durable and shed snow easily. Asphalt shingles also hold up well against severe winters and cost less to repair than wood or slate shingles. Also, unlike hot climates, colder regions benefit from dark colored roofing to help absorb sunlight in the winter.

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In hot climates, homeowners should look for a roof that will not absorb heat. Asphalt tiles are usually an inferior choice here because even the light shades of asphalt tiles are darker than what one can get with metal and clay tile roofing. Additionally, asphalt tiles have a tendency to dry out and crack in excessive dry heat. Clay tiles are popular in desert areas like Arizona and Nevada because they block the heat and are fairly wind resistant. In tropical heat, roofs need to withstand high precipitation and humidity. If asphalt shingles are chosen for a home in this area, there are asphalt shingles that are treated with algaecides to help resist the growth of algae. Metal roofing is a good choice for tropical climates because it will naturally resist algae and has more wind resistance. Since it is lighter in weight than other types of roofing, metal roofs are considered a wise choice in hurricane and earthquake prone regions.

Roofing materials on the market today can work in most regions with the help of treatments or reinforcements; however, a homeowner can maximize the life span of their roofing system by selecting the right type of roofing for their climate.

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