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Homeowners researching roofing materials will take into account, the home's aesthetics, the location, building codes and costs. However, experts also recommend that owners look at the roofing material's longevity before making an investment.

Asphalt shingles are a long time favorite for roofers due to its ease of installation. Although asphalt planks only last around ten years, homeowners favor asphalt due to its affordability. Asphalt materials are thicker and more textured to provide better appeal. A denser product, known as an architectural shingle, is more costly, but provides the appearance of slate or wood.

Likewise, composition shingles are asphalted shingles, and they are one level above the regular asphalt. The longevity of the three tab boards varies based on the quality of the materials. Composition shakes have a 15 to 50 year longevity rating, due to their makeup of fiberglass mat capped with mineral granules and asphalt. Roofers, like those in Killeen roofing, can quickly install asphalt shingles. Likewise, a reputable roofer can also repair cheap shingles that may begin to shred after the first year they've been installed.

Metal products are gaining popularity. However, most roofers will not install this specialty type of roof. Homeowners desiring metal must contact a roofing contractor who specializes in metal materials.

The roofing experts at Tony's roofing of Killeen TX can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or insulation.

Copper metal roofs reflected on older homes are expensive. Even so, galvanized steel is affordable and has a 50 to 75 year longevity rating.

Slate tiles also require professional installation. Slate is the most durable and sustainable substance available for roofing. The beautiful, natural stone is heavy and requires a sturdy truss to uphold the heavy load. Homeowners should note that the roof is slippery when wet. Nonetheless, slate roofs have a longevity rating of at least 100 years or more.

For those with the right budget, and looking to upgrade the design aspects of their home, slate is a worthy option worth investing. For those with a limited budget, but like the look of stone, composition slate is a viable option to look into. Composition slate, or rubber slate, acts and looks like slate, but is less slightly expensive. Rubber slate has a 20 to 50 year lifespan.

Wood shakes are extremely popular based on its aesthetics. The weathering or aging of the panel creates a spotted and multicolored pattern that provides further appeal. Shakes stem from fresh cut cedar and pine trees. Nevertheless, wood, despite its origins, lasts from 30 to 50 years, when maintained properly.

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