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For centuries, stone has been a dominant material in the construction industry. It is strong, fireproof, plentiful and very hard to damage. Natural stone does not rust or rot. In spite of the advantages in building with stone, however, relatively few modern roofing systems make use of this long standing mineral matter. Asphalt shingles, concrete tile and metal components are much more highly demanded in today's market than slate. While the sturdy, impermeable nature of stone is desirable in a roof covering, the material can be quite weighty. Slate is particularly heavy, and many structures are unable to support this type of roof. Alternatively, the use of stone coating over basic tile and asphalt has become popular in the roofing industry, especially for metal systems. Killeen roofing professionals can show homeowners a wide array of products that incorporate rock fragments into their compositions.

Metal roofing components are often covered by a collection of stone chips that have been attached with an acrylic film. The combination of metal and stone retains the damage resistance of both materials. By using attractive, updated tiles and shingles, homeowners are boosting curb appeal and raising the resale value of their properties. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, stone coated steel products can outlast asphalt shingles by 40 years or more.

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The rock layer protects the metal from corrosion without interfering with its ability to reflect ultraviolet radiation and keep residents cool during the summer months. Some property owners' insurance companies offer discounts to clients with this roof type.

A stone coated roofing system can stand against winds that exceed 100 miles per hour and hailstones up to 2.5 inches in diameter. It handles heavy rainfall without warping and extreme temperature changes without cracking. In addition to the functionality of stone coated metal roofs, many homeowners also appreciate their aesthetic value and versatility. These roofing components can be made to look like wood shakes, clay tiles or virtually any other rooftop style.

The number of property owners choosing this kind of system has soared in recent years. Although the reasons for the upsurge in sales may include harsh winter conditions in the northeast, homeowners in warmer climates often choose stone coated roofing due to the system's energy efficiency and strength. Stone coated roofing is appropriate for steep slopes as well as flat roofs, and homeowners can discuss more of the advantages and disadvantages of this modern system with their roofing professional before updating their roof.

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