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One of the most difficult and dangerous tasks in roofing is installing steel roofing on a roof that has a lot of slope. It is very easy to slip and fall when doing this job. Also, it is difficult to get the roofing aligned properly when operating on a severely sloping roof. Homeowners should call their Killeen roofing company instead of attempting this job themselves.

Steep steel roofs do have their benefits. The chief benefit is their ability to shed water. A steep steel roof will have very little water collect on its surface, even during a huge downpour. As water is the enemy of longevity for all roofs, this attribute is a huge plus.

A roofer preparing to install steel roofing must first install the gable ends, underlining, valleys and starter strips, unless they have already been installed. This is a fairly easy process, even on a very steep roof. All experienced roofers will hook up a safety harness prior to beginning this task. Once they have done so, it is simply a matter of nailing the pieces to the roof.

Homeowners that observe roofers installing a steel roof will notice that they work in a very particular fashion. They always start at the lower left portion of the roof and install the shingles from left to right.

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This helps the roofers stay organized and work more efficiently. Also, the eagle eyed homeowner will notice that roofers only use ring shanked nails, which are stronger than normal nails.

Perhaps the most important aspect of installing steel roofing on a steep roof involves the way shingles are installed at the edge of the roof. Usually, this job is left to the most experienced roofer in the crew. It is not only the most important job, but it is easily the most difficult.

The end panel must be carefully trimmed so that it extends just beyond the gable end. Most expert roofers will trim the panel so that it has about half an inch of overhang. The panel must then be carefully nailed down. If it is not nailed down solidly, it could compromise the roof's resistance to inclement weather.

A homeowner looking for a roofing company to install steel roofing on a high slope roof needs to do his or her homework. They should check the Internet for reviews of roofing companies in their area. After the homeowner does this, they should call the best reviewed companies and ask whether they have experience doing this particular job.

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