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A skylight is essentially a window put into the roof of a home. The installation of a skylight allows a homeowner to enjoy fantastic views of the sky at any time of the day or night. These additions can also enhance the amount of light reaching a room that is otherwise dark. Before having a new skylight installed into an existing home, property owners should consult with an experienced Killeen roofing service to ensure that no roof problems develop as a result of putting a skylight into place.

The primary concern that homeowners should keep in mind around the addition of a skylight is the structural integrity of the roof. The panes of glass and metal framing of a skylight are heavy, and the roof must be able to support this weight without sagging. A structural engineer may be needed to establish whether a particular house is a good candidate for skylight installation.

Another issue for homeowners to think about is the style of skylight. With so many options available, choosing one can be a challenge.

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There are many features to consider: Homeowners can choose a vented skylight style, one that is not ventilated, one that can be opened or a skylight that is permanently fixed into place. Skylights can also be specially made to accommodate for roofs with a low pitch, slate or wood shake roofs as well as homes that are located in areas prone to extreme weather conditions. The newest models include argon gas, which reduces emissivity of the sun's ultraviolet rays. This helps to minimize fading of fabrics, carpeting and other household furnishings that may be caused by sunshine exposure.

Homeowners can also choose to have a screen installed behind the glass. This allows the skylight to be opened so that a breeze can come through into the home. In parts of the house where ventilation is a problem, this breeze can provide essential airflow that enhances comfort. Built in electric rain sensors automatically close the window when precipitation is detected so that homeowners don't have to worry about a flood or water damage if they leave the skylight open and then go out for a while. Solar powered windows are another option. These can boost the home's energy efficiency and even lower its carbon footprint.

A qualified roofing service can carefully install a modern skylight so that it does not leak. Homeowners should ask for references and talk to neighbors who have had a similar style of skylight installed.

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