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Recycling and conserving are crucial parts to maintaining a healthy environment, and Killeen roofing professionals are applying the same concepts by choosing specific shingle materials. Each shingle manufacturer has a different design for aesthetic and functional purposes, but these materials can also be environmentally friendly. Consider some shingle designs that reduce harm to the environment with smart innovations and materials.

Shingles are known for their granular textures, so manufacturers have used this feature to improve on the traditional cool roof. If homeowners wanted high solar reflectance, they were limited to white or light colored rooftops. Because darker colors, such as brown and gray, are more attractive, manufacturers look to granule coatings to reflect sunlight heat. Even though a rooftop may be dark with heat absorption possibilities, opaque coated granules reflect a lot of ultraviolet radiation. As a result, the home remains cooler and uses less fossil fuels to run air conditioners.

Any severe damage to shingles requires material replacement, adding more volume each day into local landfills and harming the environment. The key to less roofing waste is reduced damage problems. Shingle manufacturers improve their products with wind resistant designs. Solid rip tolerance rates mean shingles won't break or crack during high winds. Part of this shingle strength is an internal fiberglass layer or glass mat.

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With glass fibers crisscrossing in many directions, shingles have a powerful base to remain damage free for years.

Homeowners may be familiar with shingles using adhesive at their top ends to hold the material steady during nailing, but more self adhering strips are being used across tabs. If high winds pick up, tabs without adhesive can easily curl upward. Moisture finds its way into the roof deck through this curled material. Adhesive at the tab ends provides another stability feature, reducing damage to the shingle and possible landfill waste.

Although composition shingles have fiberglass layers, they still have asphalt as a surrounding material. If shingles must be replaced, they can be recycled. Local recyclers using asphalt can easily take all shingles and turn them into roadway materials. Paving companies don't have to purchase new materials taken from the Earth, and landfills are saved from excess shingle waste with proper recycling.

Discuss environmentally friendly practices with the contractor before signing an agreement. All job site rules and requests should be within the roofing contract, ensuring that all material choices and disposal strategies are approved by both parties. By working together, contractors and homeowners can improve a property and environment simultaneously.

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