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Rubber roofing is one type of roofing material that has gained popularity in recent years. It is durable and inexpensive. It is also possible for a homeowner to take care of the installation himself or herself, but most will want to call a Killeen roofing company.

Asphalt roofing does not perform very well in some circumstances. It does not do well on a flat or slightly sloped roof. Rubber roofing, however, is perfect for such situations. Asphalt roofs may last for up to 20 years in optimal conditions and with highly sloped roofs. However, they may last as few as five years on a flat roof in a rainy environment.

Rubber roofs last much longer in similar conditions. In fact, many manufacturers offer a 20 year warranty. This warranty applies in all situations, even if the roofing is placed on a flat roof in a wet climate.

Rubber roofing is much better in the rain for several reasons. It has fewer seams and cracks that water can seep into. It also is a better surface for solvents and other chemicals that cause water to run off rather than soak in.

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The first step for a homeowner looking to install rubber roofing is to nail fiberboard over the existing roof. This will give the roofing a good, solid surface to be fastened onto. Fiberboard is relatively cheap.

Next, the homeowner must apply industrial strength bonding agent to the fiberboard. This will ensure that the rubber roofing does not come off in inclement weather. This is perhaps the most time consuming part of the process as an even layer of the bonding agent must be applied to the entire roof.

After the application of the adhesive is completed, it is time to apply the adhesive to the roofing itself. Once this is completed, the next step is to place the roofing onto the fiberboard. The connection between the two materials must be solid, or the roofing will completely separate in short order. Make sure the rubber completely covers any seams in the plywood.

Apply primer to the rubber membrane. Once this is complete, apply the layer of finishing rubber. This is a type of rubber roofing made specifically to go on top of the rubber membrane. It will help seal the roofing against the elements. It is important that the homeowner does not skip this step as it is necessary for an effective roofing installation.

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