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For homeowners who wish to consider an unconventional option for their roofing materials, many Killeen roofing companies offer services that include the installation and maintenance of rubber roofs. Rubber roofs are light and durable, and they help to weatherproof the home. This roofing material is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Rubber roofs, in addition, are made of recycled materials and are resistant to fire and hail. Typically low maintenance when compared to other roofing materials, they also offer excellent insulation and keep a home comfortable during the winter and summer seasons. Though roofs made of rubber are usually more expensive than other roofing materials, they are comparable to wooden shingles and easier to install, so labor costs are generally lower.

There are two main types of rubber roofing systems. The first type is a whole roof system, which is a system custom made in a factory to perfectly fit a particular home. Though this option can be a bit pricier, there is very little chance of leaks with this roof, as there are no seams for water to get through. This rubber roofing option is best for homes with flat roofs.

Another option for homeowners is rubber shingles.

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These shingles give roofs the look of traditional shingles, but they have all of the benefits of synthetic materials. These shingles are also easier to handle since they are lightweight. Rubber shingles are also easy to customize and fit, as they can be shaped and cut with a utility knife, and can easily be placed onto a home with adhesive or with a nail gun.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a rubber roof is its capacity to be easily repaired. Though rubber is very durable, it is not totally invincible. The surface contracts and expands with weather, and if in the form of shingles, the rubber can tear, rip or fall away from the roof.

Much like tires, rubber roof shingles can be patched up with adhesives and spare pieces of rubber. There is also tape that works similarly to weather stripping, which helps to cover fissures and cracks. Liquid rubber may also be used to patch up areas of damage, and though it goes onto the roof as a liquid, it hardens as it dries and seals the holes.

Rubber roofing is not for every homeowner, nor does every roofing contractor offer rubber roofs as an option. Since rubber roofs are not extremely popular, either, it is important that homeowners only work with a contractor that has experience with rubber.

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