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Many problems can develop on the exterior side of a home's roof. One of the leading causes of concern is when the fasteners experience a fault or failure. When the nails, plastic wind strips and other materials holding the shingles or tiles are not functioning properly, the entire roofing system is at risk. Professionals familiar with Killeen roofing issues can help homeowners to identify problems with roofing fasteners so that prompt repairs can be made.

Pop outs are the most common problem that happens to roofing nails. This occurs when the nail pops out from its place holding the asphalt shingle or wood shake to the wooden roof decking. When the nail sticks out the top of the shingles, the shingle is no longer securely in place. The nail will also be exposed to moisture, wind and the sun's ultraviolet rays, which may eventually cause the nail to break off.

Another common problem with roofing fasteners is break offs due to shear. Heavy winds create strong shear forces. Other causes of shear force include someone walking upon vulnerable areas of the roof and the addition of a weight onto the roof, such as the placement of a satellite dish.

Roofing nails may also be subjected to chemical reactions that cause the metal of the nail to oxidize or corrode.

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Treated wood decking contains chemicals that may react with the metals in the nail. When asphalt shingles are heated by the sun, they may release chemicals that affect the nail's strength.

Overdriven nails are another common roofing problem. This happens when too much force is used to put the nail into place. The excessive force may break the shingle or crack the wood decking.

Once the roof has been repaired, the contractors or property owners can take some actions to prevent a recurrence of the issue. One way to reduce pop outs and withdrawal of fasteners is to look for nails with shank deformation. This product feature helps to keep the nail in its rightful place. These types of nails can be used during the roof repair. Roofers can also use nails with shank coatings. The coatings add a level of resistance that reduces the fastener's ability to move around during changes in temperature and humidity. Another preventive action that homeowners can take is to ensure that the attic space is properly ventilated. Getting rid of excess heat buildup in the attic side of the roof helps reduce corrosion and other problems that cause failure of roofing nails.

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