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When a homeowner likes the look of slate tiles but not their price tags, it might seem like there isn't a way to achieve the same level of aesthetic appeal. A newer type of roofing, imitation slate roofing, offers the appearance of slate without the high cost, heavy weight and intricate installation process. With assistance from a Killeen roofing company, homeowners ready for a new roof can decide whether or not these rubber tiles are a good choice for their needs.

Made from recycled rubber, imitation slate tiles are an environmentally friendly option. Old tires, car parts and other building supplies can be recycled into the new roofing tiles. Often locally made, the tiles do not have to be imported and help to conserve local resources.

Naturally resistant to moisture, these tiles have a long lifespan and generally last for at least 50 years. Once the roof has reached its life expectancy, the worn rubber can be recycled again. Rubber is also resistant to high temperatures and can easily withstand the Texas heat. They do not require any special maintenance other than routine care like cleaning of the gutters and downspouts so that rain will properly drain.

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These tiles can be installed on any style of home, including those that need steep slope application techniques. Houses with slopes ranging from 4/12 to 12/12 are eligible for the use of imitation slate. Because the rubber material is lightweight, the roof will not need any extra support beams. Authentic slate tiles, on the other hand, require support beams because of their relatively heavy weight.

Installation of rubber shingles is no more complex than asphalt shingles. While a slate roof's tiles must be installed one by one, causing a roofing job to take several days, experienced roofers can install a roof made from rubber shingles in just one to two days.

If one of the rubber shingles or some other part of the roof needs to be worked upon, the rubber provides a good amount of traction, unlike slate, which is slippery even in the absence of rain. Unlike slate, rubber tiles won't crack or split when walked upon.

While there are many great reasons to select rubber roofing tiles, there are a few drawbacks to this material. It is more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles. There are only a couple of manufacturers making this kind of roofing, so some homeowners may have to place an order and then wait for the materials to be made and delivered.

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