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The most decorative roof type features tile. It may be a creation of clay, concrete or metal. It may reflect hues of red, brown or grey. The cultural effect may be French or Spanish, and the pattern may include curves or flat lines. Regardless of the homeowner's individual preferences, he or she can easily find a tile roof type to suit his purpose. The design can be as simple or elaborate, depending budget and the type of building. Killeen roofing professionals can offer advice concerning the best options for any structure.

Clay tile, which is molded and then baked, is a popular choice. The amount of heat used, along with the length of baking time, affects its density. Sometimes, enamel is sprayed on it before it is baked in order to change the color. After it comes out of the kiln and cools, it can be glazed or treated to add texture. The natural material in the tile makes it environmentally friendly without reducing its durability. Clay tile is among the strongest roofing products on the market when used in warm climates. In addition to its water resistance, its low maintenance component appeals to many homeowners. Mildew rarely builds up on clay tiles, particularly those baked with a spray enamel, and the colors do not fade for many years.

At times, beautiful clay is combined with metal to create a long lasting roofing material.

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Different types of metal offer different levels of durability, but they all provide energy efficiency. Metal tiles can be coated with either paint or stone. Meanwhile, concrete tile holds up well in freezing temperatures. Portland cement is mixed with water and sand, and then placed under high pressure during the manufacture of this sturdy roofing component. In order to establish strength and block moisture loss, concrete tile undergoes a curing process. Texture and coloring is normally added afterwards while the surface is being finished. The tile often attaches to the top of a batten strip and interlocks along its edges to stay secure and waterproof.

A tile roof should be installed over solid wood decking and underlayment. The plywood should be at least 5/8 inch thick. Although the most common way to secure the tiles is nailing, other methods are occasionally used either exclusively or for added bonding. Galvanized steel nails are recommended and need to be at least 11 gauge with flat, smooth heads. The nails must penetrate through all the roofing material and be driven a minimum of 3/4 inch into the wood beam below. Clips can be used in conjunction with the nails if extra strength is necessary to withstand high winds. Some deck types, however, require installation via a strapping system.

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