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Killeen Roofing: Article About Roof Sheathing and Shingle Relationships

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Standard roofs are supported by basic plywood sheets attached to trusses or support beams. Also referred to as sheathing, this plywood must be strong and covered well with underlayment and shingles in order to last several decades. When sheathing or shingles aren't cared for properly, their decay directly affects each material's durability. Killeen roofing professionals can explain sheathing and shingle relationships during a preventive maintenance appointment.

During a roof repair or replacement, sheathing or decks have tape applied to their seams. These plywood pieces butt up against each other every few feet. Contractors tape these seams to increase stability and moisture control. However, an improper taping job leaves seams open to possible leaks into the home. If moisture penetrates the shingles and underlayment, open deck seams simply give the water a pathway into the attic. Homeowners may see stains or active water streams from these areas.

A roof becomes extremely hot in the summer, so it's natural for wood sheathing to expand and contract with the stress. When it is exposed to extreme temperatures, wood can warp permanently and negatively affect the shingles above. A clever way to combat roof stress is simply adding attic ceiling insulation.

The expert roofers at Tony's Roofing of Killeen can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or insulation.

This insulation keeps the attic's air slightly cooler than before, allowing the roof above to benefit with the same cooling effect. Although the roof is still hot, it doesn't reach such high temperatures compared to a non insulated attic interior. Sheathing and shingles aren't subject to too much stress, effectively lengthening their lifespans.

Poor ventilation between the soffit and ridge contributes to roof warping. This ventilation allows moist interior attic air to escape the structure, for instance. Without any airflow, moist air simply condensates on surfaces. If the attic doesn't have any ceiling insulation, condensation appears on sheathing. This moisture could possibly work its way into the wood where shingle fasteners reside. Nails quickly rust, directly affecting shingle security on the rooftop.

In rare instances, roof sheathing can crack. This damage may not be apparent to homeowners at first. This cracked state slowly bows down, pulling shingles down with it. The roof could actually have a low lying area where water puddles. Cracked decking must be replaced to preserve the entire roof system.

Roofers cannot directly inspect sheathing with an existing rooftop in place, including the expansion joint. However, clever contractors will often access the attic to look at the deck from underneath. Although this inspection strategy isn't completely thorough, it provides critical clues to any existing problems, such as leaks or interior stains.

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