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Nail pop ups are a common issue on homes with asphalt shingle roofing systems. Nails may pop up and out of place due to rapid changes in temperature or humidity levels. Pop ups can also occur due to failure of the roofing nail, use of a nail that is too short, high winds or moisture infiltration on the roof's wood decking. In many cases, a homeowner can repair the pop up on his or her own, although Killeen roofing companies are always available to provide professional assistance and guidance about roofing concerns.

The homeowners should not attempt to do any repairs if there is ice or snow on the roof. The asphalt shingles should be totally dry before any work is performed on them. At least one or two helpers is recommended for this type of home repair.

To fix a nail that has popped up out of the roof, the homeowner should gather some supplies and equipment, including an extension ladder, leather work gloves, a hammer, and a new roofing nail of the same size and configuration as the one that popped out. A trowel, some asphalt cement and a small square of felt will be needed to finish up the repair job.

The property owner should remove the popped out nail using the claw end of the hammer.

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A new nail should be hammered into the same shingle about one inch away from where the previous nail was located. If possible, a second person should enter the attic space of the house underneath where the nail had popped out. This helper can direct the homeowner as to a sturdy place to affix the new nail. Any knotted, splintered or other defective areas of the roof trusses or decking should be avoided when putting the new nail into place.

A small dot of asphalt cement can then be applied to the hole in the shingle where the old nail used to be. A trowel or caulking gun can be used to apply the cement. This material helps seal up the hole left in the shingle so that water cannot infiltrate into the roof's wooden substructure. A dab of asphalt cement can also be applied over the top of the new nail as an additional amount of protection against water.

While upon the roof, the homeowner may notice several more popped up nails. If this is the case, a roofing service should be contacted. There may be a significant underlying issue causing this to occur.

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