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While most people are familiar with the risk of black mold that can occur after a problem like a flash flood or burst pipe, many homeowners don't realize that this fungus can also start growing in the aftermath of a roof leak. The attic space of a home offers ideal growing conditions due to the relative darkness of the area, the warmth, high humidity and plenty of organic surfaces like wood and insulation. With help from an experienced Killeen roofing contractor, homeowners can learn how to spot the first signs of a roof leak and the presence of potentially dangerous fungi before any health or safety problems develop.

When a roof leaks, there is a spot where water is able to make its way through the shingles or tiles, saturate the wooden decking and get into the attic area, ceilings and walls. Along with the effects of unwanted moisture, there may be another unwelcome guest, spores of black mold. All spores need for germination is an organic substrate to anchor themselves to, some lingering moisture, warmth and darkness. A home's roofing substructure provides these exact conditions.

Regular roofing maintenance and inspections can stop most roof leaks before they start. Roofers can check for loose flashing, worn out shingles, deteriorated vent sleeves and ridge caps.

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If a leak does occur, repairing the problem quickly helps to minimize the moisture that is able to make its way inside the home.

After the roofers have made repairs, the homeowners may still have some work do to. Within the attic space, mold can grow on the drywall, beams, joists, floorboards and in the insulation. If there are any cardboard boxes, papers, clothing or other items stored in the attic, the mold can grow there too. If there are vents in the attic that are connected with the rest of the house, the spores may travel through them and start growing in the home's living areas.

Once a leak is fixed, homeowners should set up a box fan in the attic so that mold spores cannot settle onto any surfaces. The increased air flow also helps to lower humidity levels and to dissipate heat. Any items that can be removed from the attic should be taken out and disinfected with bleach and sunlight. If there are papers and other things that were damp and have started to grow mold, they will need to be carefully and properly disposed of.

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