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Locating the source of a roof leak can be a challenge even for an experienced Killeen roofing service. Water can meander around once it gains entry to a home's roofing system. This is especially true for a flat roof, as water may pond in certain areas and then find dips, crevices or cracks to go through. A professional roofing contractor has several different methods to accurately detect the location of a roof leak on a flat roof.

The standard method of leak detection is to get a ladder, climb onto the rooftop and see what's going on. A well trained roofer may be able to immediately see that there is a hole, a missing piece of flashing or broken vent collar causing the problem. Ponding of water on a certain part of the roof often takes place above the leak. Blocked drains and obstructed gutters or downspouts can also be common sources of leaks.

However, a personal rooftop inspection poses a few challenges. When there is an active leak, the roof will be slippery due to moisture. This makes for a dangerous work environment. On a flat roof, leaks are more difficult to diagnose due to uniform appearance of the roof surface. If the leak has gone on for some time, the roof's supporting structures may have weakened to the point where they cannot hold the weight of a person walking around.

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A newer and safer way to find a leak on a flat roof is through an infrared survey. Roofers can use an infrared camera to detect the source of a leak. This can be done while standing on a ladder, on the roof or from the ground. It can even be done by sending a drone to hover several feet above the roof.

As a roof leaks and water goes into the underlay and insulation below, the insulation gains thermal mass. At nighttime, as the rest of the roof cools, the area surrounding the leak will stay warm because of the soaked in water. The infrared technology pinpoints the exact place where the roof needs to be fixed.

The infrared detecting camera can find small leaks as well as large ones. The device can even be used as a form of prevention during regular roofing inspections and maintenance services. The images provided by the camera can show where there is too much heat building up in the attic or where there is an excessive amount of airflow. The cameras can even detect a new leak beginning to form.

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