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Most homeowners understand that their roof is the main defense against weathering elements, and, to ensure that the roof can do its job properly, an inspection may be necessary. Most Killeen roofing contractors offer roof inspections, and they remind customers that a professional inspection could be the difference between a small repair or the need for total roof replacement. Though no roofing material is totally immune to damage, some materials are at higher risk than others. Since this is the case, it is best that homeowners do not ignore any signs of damage to their roofs, and instead reach out to a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

The recommended frequency of a roof inspection ranges from two times a year to every two to three years, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. Homeowners who live in Texas may only need to get a roof inspection every one to three years. However, since Texas may experience large storms, such as hurricanes, it is wise for homeowners to contact a contractor for an inspection following these storms. After all, a small area of damage to a roof that appears minor could conceal a larger problem underneath.

Since a homeowner may only contact a professional roof inspector every few years, it is important for them to do inspections themselves, too.

The roofing experts at Tony's roofing of Killeen TX can assist you with any questions regarding roof repairs or insulation.

To perform an inspection, a homeowner can stand on the ground and look up towards the roof with binoculars. They should look for any shingles that look out of place, discolored shingles or areas where shingles may be missing. Also, the homeowner should look closely at any areas with flashing. These areas are notorious for leaks, and if the flashing isn't placed correctly, it is time for a repair. An inspection of the subroofing is also recommended because some leaks can only be detected from inside the structure.

Extra care should be taken after a strong storm. Homeowners should take a look at the area around the home, as roofing shingles may fall off the roof in the strong winds and rain. If there is debris on the roof, however, a homeowner may want to contact a professional, as getting up on the roof can be dangerous

For homeowners who care about the longevity of their roof, it is important to not only do inspections on their own, but also consider professional inspections every couple of years. This helps the roof look better, last longer and can save them thousands of dollars.

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