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As the idea of going green sweeps across the state, more and more residents find themselves looking for ways to go green when constructing and making additions on their homes. One way in which they can make their homes more environmentally friendly is with a roof garden. Once more commonly found in large cities like Los Angeles and New York City, many people living in rural towns and smaller cities across the country now want roof gardens of their own. These gardens provide all the benefits of a traditional garden without taking up valuable yard space. Killeen roofing companies can help homeowners install their gardens and install any extra features their gardens needed without damaging the roof.

Roof gardens are best suited for homes that have flat roofs or roofs with a flat area. This includes flat, prairie and mansard roofs. Prairie homes often feature low hanging roofs with multiple sections that overhang the sides of the house. A mansard roof typically has four or more sections angled between the house and the roof with a flat roof sitting in the center. Modern day ranch houses may also feature flat areas that are the perfect size and shape for a garden.

Some homeowners may also want to add a widow's walk near or around the garden.

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This acts as a small patio and gives them space for entertaining or letting their guests view their plants. They can also use the widow's walk when watering the flowers and taking care of their gardens. A rainwater collection unit also works well as part of a roof garden. The unit collects the water that falls during a storm and carries it along lines placed beneath the garden. A rainwater system provides the flowers and plants with all the necessary water needed.

Adding a garden to an existing roof is more complicated than some might think. It often involves the removal of existing shingles and the installation of new panels designed to support the vegetation and keep water from penetrating the roof and ceiling. Homeowners looking for something a little more affordable may try container gardening, which lets them plant their favorite flowers, plants and herbs without making permanent changes to the roof. Though local roofing companies can't help homeowners choose the right type of flowers and plants to add to a roof garden, they can ensure that the garden won't interfere with the roof's structure and that it won't damage any of the roofing materials or components.

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