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When a severe storm comes through a community and causes damage, it is not unusual to find that many homeowners in the neighborhood choose to cover their homes with bright blue tarps. However, a temporary roof covering may be needed in other situations as well. From a leak that hasn't been repaired yet to roof work that is not yet finished, there are many reasons why a homeowner or a trustworthy Killeen roofing company would need to put plastic on the roof of a house.

When a homeowner finds a leaky spot on the roof, the first call is usually to a local roofer to schedule a repair. However, during the busy spring through fall seasons, small problems may have to wait a few weeks to be serviced. In this case, the property owners may wish to put some plastic or tarps over the problematic spots.

To properly install the tarps, some weather tolerant rope, scrap lumber boards, concrete blocks, stakes and a ladder are needed. If tarps are unavailable, industrial grade plastic or even a vinyl shower curtain can do the trick. Work gloves are also helpful to protect the worker's hands.

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Use the ladder to climb up to the roof and locate the spot that needs to be protected. Spread the tarps to overlap the damage by one to two feet on each side. Thread the rope through the rivets in the tarp. The ends of the ropes should be held down with concrete blocks or stakes at ground level. If the rooftop is too tall or the homeowner doesn't have the necessary supplies, most roofing companies will come out and place a temporary covering until they can finish the work.

Another situation in which a temporary covering may be needed is during a home repair or roof replacement project. If work is taking place and then the weather forecast is calling for several days of rain, the roofing team may need to suspend work for a few days. The workers may also need to halt their activities if they discover a new problem like termites or dangerous electrical wiring. They will cover up the unfinished parts of the rooftop until they can return.

In areas of the country where severe storms are a regular occurrence, many homeowners maintain a cache of emergency supplies such as tarps and ropes to use as needed. This stash can come in handy in case there is a rush at the local home improvement stores in the aftermath of an extreme weather event.

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