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Killeen Roofing: Article About Roof Deterioration Signals

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Busy lifestyles make it easy to forget about roofing care, but residents must keep the home's structural integrity as a top priority. Once moisture breaks through a neglected roof, it can damage the entire structure significantly. With just a yearly inspection by a Killeen roofing professional, roof deterioration can be discovered, repaired or renovated at the lowest cost possible.

It's possible for homeowners or professionals to notice rotting fascia even from the ground. Fascia is the lumber attached to the roof eave that supports gutter systems. Although the eave offers a protected drip edge to avoid fascia damage, weathering and moisture can eventually wear the wood down. Fascia is directly related to the roof because it supports its edges and holds the gutters straight. If the fascia breaks down, water can easily back up into gutters and within shingles where it drips into the home. Professionals must replace fascia as soon as it shows signs of deterioration.

When homeowners don't visit the attic often, professionals should inspect it at least once a year. The attic tells a contractor a lot about a roof's health. If there is mold in the attic, this occurrence often reflects a moist atmosphere trapped in the space. There could be a leak from the roof and into the attic.

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Contractors troubleshoot the area to verify if leaks are occurring.

Sometimes shingles look perfectly fine from the ground level, but a rainstorm could change that perspective. Homeowners could find small granules on the ground after a storm, for example. These tiny pellets aren't soil or other elements, but are actually small shingle pieces sloughing off the roof. Contractors must inspect the roof carefully to see if the granule release is widespread. A new roof project may be necessary to stop the granules from falling off their respective shingles.

Homeowners usually notice unusual stains within the home because they're in the space constantly. Yellow to brown stains on drywall are normally a sign of a slow leak. Contact a professional to survey the stain. If it grows or more stains erupt in the home, a roof leak is often the culprit. These leaks could be one small one or several spaced across the roof, for instance.

Homeowners should never see their roofing appear curled or lifted. All shingles must be flush against the roof surface to create a water-resistant structure. Contacting a contractor when lifted shingles are observed is the only way to ensure a long-lasting rooftop.

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