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When a roof is installed, the shingles or tiles are affixed with roofing nails. Great care must be taken when each nail is either shot or hammered, as pushing the nail in too far can damage the shingles, while not driving it in enough may cause the shingle to fall off the rooftop. An experienced Killeen roofing contractor can help any homeowner determine whether or not they have under or over driven nails.

An under driven nail is one that is still protruding up from the surface of the shingle or tile. This is also called an incompletely driven nail. This is an easy mistake to fix, as one or two light hits from a hammer can get the nail into the correct position. If a nail is not all the way in the correct position, a moderate gust of wind may be enough to uplift it and blow it and any neighboring shingles off the roof.

Another common nail installation problem occurs when the nail is driven in at an angle. This bends the nail and may split or even crack the shingle. When the shaft of the nail has bent, it is not as strong.

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The split or crack in the shingle or tile can also allow water to penetrate into the roofing system. This situation can be corrected by using the claw end of the hammer to pull out the errant nail, sealing the problem spot with caulk or asphalt cement and then starting over with a new nail about one half of an inch away. Working more slowly helps to avoid this issue.

Another potential error that can occur during the installation of nails is overdriving. An over driven nail has been pushed into the roof with too much force. The excess force may splinter the shingle or tile. This sort of nail does not provide the same level of security and strength as one that is correctly driven. Cracks may develop on the roofing material when the nails are pushed in too far. This is cosmetically unattractive and presents a functional problem as well.

If a nail gun has been used, the air pressure may need adjustment. The roofer can lessen the amount of force applied by the gun. For nails being driven by hand, a gentler touch for the remaining shingles can help to ensure that the errors do not further penetrate the surface. Properly driving a nail takes practice, which homeowners could do on a set of scrap shingles and old pieces of lumber.

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