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Ridge vents are an essential part of a home's roofing system. They allow the hot air in the attic to dissipate to the outdoors so that fresh air can come in through the intake vent openings. The dispersal of excessive heat helps to guard against problems like warped wood, overworking of the central air conditioning system and blistering of the asphalt shingles. On occasion, the ridge cap vents may develop a leak. With professional assistance from a local Killeen roofing service, homeowners can discover the causes of ridge vent problems and prevent them from recurring.

The most common cause for problems associated with cap vents is failure of the fasteners holding the vent onto the roof. When the vents are installed, they are usually placed on top of shingles. The nails or screws securing the vent have to go through the layer of shingles, roof felt and underlay. A strong wind gust can lift up those shingles enough to loosen the fasteners, taking the vent along with it.

Another common reason for ridge vent problems is the use of fasteners that are too short. The fastener has to go all the way through to the strong wooden decking of the roof.

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The use of thin or weak roofing nails can also be an issue. Wood screws are a much stronger way to keep the ridge vent in its correct position.

Failure of the sealant can also cause problems for ridge vents. The sealant should provide a waterproof barrier around the vent's perimeter. Made of silicon caulk, mastic or an asphalt based adhesive, the sealant must remain in place to prevent water, snow or ice from getting underneath the vent cover and through the roof. Peeling, flaking or disintegration of the sealant makes the roofing system vulnerable to moisture.

About once each year, homeowners should access the ridge vents and make sure they are flush against the shingles. If there is a space between the vent's cover and the shingles, the fasteners may need replacing or tightening. If the caulk or adhesive has fallen apart, these should be replaced. Any type of roof care should be done on a dry, mild day to aid in the drying of the sealant.

Because the ridge vents are at the tallest part of the roof, many homeowners may not feel comfortable in doing preventive maintenance or repairs on their own. Professional roofers can easily take care of these tasks so that the homeowner does not have to worry about safety.

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