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Killeen Roofing: Article About Reasons For Premature Roof Failure

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The average asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. However, some of these roofs survive and thrive for a much longer time than expected, and other such roofs meet with an early demise. Why do some asphalt shingle roofs last longer than others do? Moreover, what steps can homeowners take to improve the odds that their roofing system will last for as long as possible?

Unfortunately, some factors that affect the life of a roof lie outside of a homeowner's control. High winds, hailstorms and even strong sun can all have a negative impact on the life of a roof. Asphalt shingles are made of three basic layers: a fiberglass mat, asphalt and granules. Granules give the shingles their color and provide protection. Premature granule loss and cracking of shingles can be caused by excessive heat. This is part of the reason clay tiles are commonly used in hot regions of the country. Although all asphalt shingles will eventually lose granules, low quality shingles will begin to shed them the soonest. If a homeowner is noticing excessive granule loss, he or she should contact a Killeen roofing contractor for an assessment.

Inadequate ventilation and insulation can also lead to roof failure. Without proper ventilation, moisture will build up in the attic and lead to the development of mold. It will also eventually cause moisture damage to the roof.

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In cold climates, too much heat will escape through an improperly insulated roof, melting any snow that is on the roof. This runoff will then freeze in the gutters as an ice dam. These will cause roof leaks because any melting snow will have no place to go if the gutter is full of ice. Melting snow will sit on the roof and soak into it, damaging the roofing system and causing leaks. If an attic appears to be insufficiently vented or insulated, homeowners should contact a roofing contractor for help.

A lack of proper maintenance is another major cause of premature roof failure. Every year, the gutters and drains should be cleared of all debris. Any leaves that are sitting on the roof need to be cleared off. If there is heavy snow buildup, the snow should be carefully removed; excessive weight on the roof can lead to roof collapse. Any tree branches that overhang the roof should be trimmed back by about 7 feet. Any moss that is developing should be removed from the roof, and any missing shingles should be replaced. Homeowners should wash the roof down with a hose now and then, especially if there is an abundance of bird droppings on the roof. Bird droppings are acidic and can eat away at roofing material over time.

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