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Killeen Roofing: Article About Prepping A Roof For Summer

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Most people are concerned about their roof during the winter season when high winds and heavy snow arrives, but the summer season can be just as damaging on the structure. From excessive sun exposure to higher temperatures, there are a few ways that the season can be harsh on the home. There are a few important steps to take to prep the roof for the heat of summer.

Summer storms can be common during the season and should be expected periodically. To prevent adding extra pressure to the roof from the rain, it's important to clean the gutters to ensure that the water is properly drained. Any debris or wet leaves should be removed from gutters to prevent standing water from accumulating. Similarly, homeowners can check for possible leaks in the attic to prevent water damage or mold. Vents can also be examined to ensure that debris or environmental elements are not trapped in the feature.

Excessive sun exposure can cause the tiles on the roof to heat to high temperatures and weaken their durability. Homeowners can easily cool the tiles by having a Killeen roofing professional apply a roof coating that reflects the heat.

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The roof can also be painted white to avoid attracting more heat to the surface for lower interior temperatures. This can reduce the temperature of the attic by 45 degrees. Loose or missing shingles should also be replaced immediately to prevent leaks from developing. Similarly, cement can be added to shingles or tiles to ensure that they remain intact on the home.

The insulation in the attic can also be replaced to prevent heat from entering the home where leaks may be present. Spray foam is an effective option that will ensure that tight corners are properly sealed. This will also prevent extra energy usage in the home for a lower bill each month.

The attic should also be inspected by a professional roofer to ensure that infestation or damage has not occurred. Having animals or small critters present on the property can cause harm to the structure of the home and may also require that the insulation be replaced due to eggs or droppings that are left behind.

Homeowners who want their roof to have a longer lifespan can maintain its condition by having a bi annual inspection with extra steps taken before summer arrives. By protecting the structure with a variety of methods, homeowners can prevent damage due to rising temperatures and excessive sun exposure.

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