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Some roofing options are simply better than others, and an example of this is a natural slate roof. There are few, if any, roofing options that can stand up better to the test of time. To understand why this is such a fantastic roofing option to have Killeen roofing experts install, homeowners have to know what benefits come with such a roof.

Natural slate, which is often referred to around the world as the sheltering stone because of how often it's used in the construction of houses, is a thin piece of stone that gives homes natural beauty. This is hard to achieve with any other roofing material, except for maybe wood shakes or shingles. Of course, beyond just giving a home an attractive look, slate has a number of other benefits.

The most common benefit is the life span of natural slate, which is the longest of all the roof coverings on the market. It's not uncommon for natural slate that has been professionally maintained to last upwards of 100 years. This material is one of the only ones that homeowners may only need to replace once. The fact that it can last the life span of a house, also helps to offset its high cost.

Slate is also a great option for places where wildfires are a concern because slate can't burn like other roofing material such as wood.

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When sparks of fire land on top of other homes, it doesn't take much before the whole house goes up in a blaze of glory. This isn't something that homes with slate roofing have to worry about. Oftentimes, insurance companies will even offer homeowners discounts on their insurance premiums when a slate roof is installed.

Another advantage of a roof covered in natural slate is the weight. Asphalt shingles are light, which means that they are easily ripped off the roofing deck by strong winds. Slate can stand up to these high winds with little trouble. This makes it the perfect roofing option for homes that are located in areas where strong winds frequently occur.

Since natural slate lasts so long and is completely waterproof, there isn't much maintenance that comes with a slate roof. While it's still recommended that homeowners have their slate roof professionally inspected for cracks and wear twice a year, it's not very often that roofers will find anything wrong with the roof itself. It's important to replace any cracked pieces of slate as quickly as possible when they do find something wrong to avoid leaks.

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