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Metal roofing is an environmentally friendly and economical choice for a new or existing home. It is durable and built to last for many years, and it only takes a few days for Killeen roofing experts to install one. However, choosing metal as the material for the roof is only the beginning because there are several types.

Standing seam panels are the most popular of the metal roofing types. They interlock so that the edge of one overlaps the other to hide the gasket-like screws that penetrate into the roof deck. This is a hardy type of metal roofing made from copper, zinc, aluminum, steel or other metals. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, standing seam panels also add to the visual appeal of a home.

Standing seam panels are similar to vertical panels. The key differences are that vertical panels are typically installed on utility buildings and barns and the screws can be seen. However, both require little maintenance.

Two other types of metal roofing are modular press-formed prepainted and granular-coated panels. Prepainted panels are interlocking panels that are painted with standard shapes and dimensions.

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They can be made from zinc, aluminum, copper, steel or terne to resemble wood shake, shingles, slate or tile. The fasteners to the roof deck are often hidden, and there is the option to use a four-way interlock to increase wind resistance.

Granular-coated panels are made of steel and can be attached with hidden fasteners directly to the roof deck or to a wooden grid. Designed to look like shingles, tile or shake, the panels are coated with an acrylic that is embedded with stone granules.

Stone-coated metal roofing is another durable option that offers the appearance of shake, tile or shingles. Aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel is used to make this type of metal roofing, making it lightweight and energy efficient. This roofing material is also resistant to mold, rot, heat and stormy weather.

Each of these metal roofing systems is water shedding so that water does not pool on top of the home. Many of them can be made with low slopes and a watertight seal for installation on flatter roofs. These types of metal roofs are also environmentally friendly, keeping homes cooler when temperatures reach upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and warmer when temperatures drop during the winter. This allows homeowners to save on energy costs and could mean that their insurers given them discounts.

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