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Excessive amounts of water can wreak havoc on a roof and a home in general. When water soaks into wood, such as rafters and other support beams, it can cause the wood to warp and weaken. Water can also reduce the efficacy of insulation, and enough moisture in a home can lead to the development of mold.

Gutters are designed to help keep water flowing away from a roof. They generally sit along the edges of a roof and provide a channel for water to flow into. The gutters then divert this water into the downspout, which runs from the roof to the ground and channels water away from a home's foundation.

Keeping gutters clear of debris is essential whether a homeowner has Killeen roofing professionals handle the task or they do it themselves. As gutters get filled with debris like leaves and insects, water is no longer able to flow through them properly. When this occurs, water may overflow the gutters, leading to water damage to the roof, deck and even the sides of a home.

Another potential danger when gutters are clogged is when the weight of debris becomes so excessive that gutters separate from a roof. This may also damage shingles and anything that the gutter is attached to.

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Downspouts must also be kept clear of clogs and debris for similar reasons. If a downspout is not allowing water to flow freely through it, gutters are likely to overflow.

One way that some people deal with the issues of frequently clogged gutters is to install covered gutter systems or gutters that have traps in them that allow water to pass through but not detritus. However, these traps and covers must be cleaned regularly for them to be effective.

It is also important that gutters be kept free of leaks. Even if water is flowing freely through gutters, if water is spilling over the sides, damage can occur. Along with ensuring that water doesn't collect on a roof, gutters exist to keep water away from the base of a home.

If water keeps pooling near a home's foundation, the foundation may become damaged, which can led to costly repairs. If a homeowner notices that gutters are overflowing or puddles are forming around the base of a home, it is a good idea to have gutters inspected. Homeowners should have any needed repairs or replacements completed as quickly as possible to prevent water damage.

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