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A metal roof that is properly cleaned and maintained can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not clean and maintain their roofs in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. It requires considerable effort and knowledge to take care of a metal roof. Therefore, most homeowners will want to call in a Killeen roofing company.

Metal roofs subjected to large amounts of rain have to be treated more often than metal roofs in dry climates. Mold and mildew tend to collect on metal roofs in the presence of standing water. This not only looks poor, but it can damage the roof itself.

The first thing a roofing company will do is assess the condition of the roof. If it is slightly dirty, it requires only a power washing. If it is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it may need to be replaced.

Next, the roofing company will determine what safety precautions they need to take. If the roof is quite far off the ground, they will likely set up a system of safety ropes. These ropes are attached to an especially strong part of the roof and hooked through a device on the roofer's belts.

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It is important for the homeowner to understand the safety precautions that the roofers should take as there may be liability concerns in the event of an accident.

After taking all of the safety measures necessary, the roofers will scrub the roof with wire brushes to remove all of the built up rust and corrosion. If the roofers do a quality job, the paint will not be damaged at all. This may be the most time consuming aspect of the job.

The next step in the process involves the removal of mold and mildew. This part of the job is nearly as time consuming as the previous step. Roofers generally use a solution of one part trisodium phosphate to eight or nine parts water. They use this solution and soft brushes to scrub off the built up mold and mildew. Once they have finished using the solution, they rinse the areas that they scrubbed with water. Any trisodium phosphate that has been left on the roof may damage the metal.

The final step roofers take when cleaning a metal roof is pressure washing. While spraying the roof may seem easy to the average homeowner, it is actually quite difficult. The roofers must make sure that all of the dirt and mold are gone. Also, they have to carefully manage the pressure that the pressure washer is operating at. Too little pressure and the roof will not be cleaned adequately. Too much pressure and the roof may be damaged.

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