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Killeen Roofing: Article About Homeowner's Guide To Basic Roof Safety

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In an ideal world, all local homeowners would rely on a great Killeen roofing contractor to handle every aspect of their roofs' maintenance and repairs. Not everyone has the financial resources to turn over smaller roofing jobs to professionals, and some homeowners even appreciate a do it yourself roofing challenge. Proper safety has to be the first priority when working on a roof, though.

The first step to getting onto a roof safely is to confirm its condition from the ground. This is largely a matter of staying off the roof in adverse weather conditions. Not even the professionals climb onto roofs that are still wet following a rainstorm. Clear, sunny days are ideal for performing roof work or inspecting the condition of the roof.

A reliable set of boots is absolutely necessary for climbing onto any residential roof. Even roofs with a very low slope can be dangerous to people who lose their footing unexpectedly. Boots for roof work need to have rubber soles with fresh, deep tread patterns.

Homeowners with steep roofs should strongly consider investing in a safety harness if they intend to do much roof work of their own. According to OSHA, any roof that is steeper than 4:12, 18.43 degrees, qualifies as "steep," and roofing professionals are required to use harnesses when they work on roofs with a pitch greater than 1:1.73, or 30 degrees.

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All documentation should be thoroughly reviewed prior to using a harness.

Many homeowners inadvertently damage their gutters when placing a ladder to allow access to their roof. This is why a gutter guard or ladder standoff is strongly recommended. A gutter guard slips into the gutter itself to shield it while a standoff allows the ladder to rest on the roof or the wall rather than the gutter. Besides protecting gutters, these pieces of equipment also increase the stability of the ladder. Of the two options, the standoff offers greater flexibility; it can used in any position whether or not gutters are present.

Once an individual is on the roof and has reached the area where work will be done, cleaning is actually the first step. The roof surface should be briskly swept with a broom to remove dust and debris. This improves traction and reduces the risk of slipping. Toe holds may be created for support by nailing scrap lumber to the roof. These are removed once work is complete and silicon sealant can be used to prevent water intrusion through the nail holes.

These general safety precautions should apply to virtually any residential roof work. Specific jobs may require other safety measures. As long as care is taken and safety remains the homeowner's number one concern, climbing onto a roof is relatively easy.

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